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WHO Goodwill Ambassador's Newsletter For The Elimination Of Leprosy


1. Strengthen government ownership, coordination and partnerships

Ensure political commitment and adequate resources for leprosy control. Contribute to universal health coverage with a special focus on underserved populations, women and children. Promote partnerships with non-state actors. Conduct basic and operational research and its use for evidence-based policy making. Strengthen surveillance and health information systems for program monitoring and evaluation. Identify and support centers of excellence and promote innovative approaches like e-medicine.

2. Stop leprosy and its transmission

Promote early case detection with focus on contact management and active case finding in highly endemic areas. Ensure prompt start and adherence to treatment. Improve disability prevention and care. Strengthen patient and community awareness on leprosy. Improve case management including working toward Uniform MDT.* Set up a network with laboratory capacity for surveillance of antibiotic resistance. Sustain leprosy knowledge among the health workforce.

* A shorter, uniform treatment regimen

3. Stop discrimination and social suffering

Promote societal inclusion through addressing all forms of discrimination and stigma. Empower communities through active participation in leprosy services. Promote coalition building among persons affected by leprosy. Support community-based rehabilitation for persons affected people with disabilities. Promote access to social and financial support by persons affected by leprosy and their families.