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WHO Goodwill Ambassador's Newsletter For The Elimination Of Leprosy


Museum Piece is an occasional column in this newsletter. The concept is simple: to tell a story through an object on display at a museum that has a connection with leprosy. To date, the pieces we have introduced have included an examination table from the Philippines, a trumpet from Colombia, and a panoramic model, a padlock key and wooden hot spring pipes — all from Japan.

In the current issue, we feature a pair of objects that form the centerpiece of an installation created for a hospital museum in China. Kudos to the Sian Provincial Leprosy Hospital and its residents for their ingenious use of a pair of crutches and the story they depict.

The recently appointed Team Leader of the Global Leprosy Program, Dr. Erwin Cooreman, learned about Father Damien as a school boy in Belgium. Dr. Cooreman brings a wealth of experience to his new position and shares with us some insights in Interview. Partnerships are important, he says, and different perspectives on how to reach a common goal should be respected. But business as usual won’t suffice and leprosy workers must adapt to the changing realities.