Memorial booklet issued as a memoir and a tribute to Dr. Yo Yuasa

tribute dr yuasa iconOn 7th September 2016, Dr. Yo Yuasa, former Executive and Medical Director of our Foundation passed away at the age of 90. Dr. Yuasa was a dedicated doctor who dreamed of a world free from leprosy and its related issues and devoted his life to make the dream come true. During his course of long journey to leprosy free world, he encountered many good partners and friends. This memorial booklet is a memoir and a tribute to Dr. Yuasa’s life fighting leprosy enclosing messages from those partners and friends.

To quote Dr.Yuasa, “I could say that it was my lifework to propagate the implementation of Multidrug Therapy (MDT) throughout the world.” He was one of the most radical proponents of MDT until the day he died. With the advent of  MDT, Leprosy became not only treatable, but a curable disease and total of more than 17 million people have been cured by the drug and over 4 million people have been prevented from being disabled.

Tribute, Remembering Dr. Yo Yuasa(PDF 2.5MB )

湯浅洋先生を偲んで(Japanese, PDF 2.5MB)