Grant Programs

Sasakawa Memorial Health Foundation (SMHF) provides grants for projects related to Hansen’s disease, neglected tropical diseases, and palliative care. We are now calling for grant applications on Hansen’s disease-related projects for fiscal year 2019 (April 2019 to March 2020). The application deadline differs depending on when the projects begin.

Please read our “Mission and Vision” and Application Guidelines below before you apply.

<Application Deadline>

Projects starting in April:      October 22 to December 15
Projects starting in July:        January 1 to March 15
Projects starting in October: April 1 to June 15

Application Guidelines

1. Eligible Applicants

Applicants must be non-profit organizations and may include educational and research institutions. SMHF does not accept applications from, nor provide grants to, individuals or for-profit organizations.

2. Funding Area/ Grant Period/ Budget

Our funding for Hansen’s disease-related projects is focused on the following three areas:

(1)  Hansen’s Disease Elimination

  • Grant Period: Up to 3 years
  • Budget:           US$30,000 maximum per year
  • Past Grant:     Leprosy elimination campaign in Nepal

(2)  Hansen’s Disease History Preservation

  • Grant Period: Up to 3 years
  • Budget:          US$30,000 maximum per year
  • Past Grants:
    Regional research and publishing activities on Hansen’s disease in Southeast Asia
    Oral history projects in China, Malaysia
    Documentary film production in Romania
    History preservation projects in Spain, Philippines, Portugal

(3)  Empowerment of Persons Affected by Hansen’s Disease (including strengthening participation of persons affected by Hansen’s disease in Hansen’s disease services)

A)    Institutional Support:

Covers expenses to strengthen the capacity of organizations run by persons affected by Hansen’s disease, including both administrative and project costs. Acquisition of buildings, cars, motorcycles is not covered.  Purchase of office equipment such as computers, photocopiers, while not encouraged, is negotiable.

  • Grant Period: Up to 2 years
  • Budget:          US$50,000 maximum per year
  • Past Grants:  Institutional support to organizations in Indonesia, China, Philippines, India, Ethiopia, Colombia

B)    Project Support:

Project-based activities to empower persons affected by Hansen’s disease

  • Grant Period: Up to 3 years
  • Budget:          US$25,000 maximum per year
  • Past Grants:
    Awareness campaigns in Ghana, Ethiopia
    Potable water supply project in Ethiopia
    Nutrition education project in Nepal, Bangladesh
    Rehabilitation program in Vietnam, China
    Advocacy and empowerment program in Indonesia
    Socio-economic rehabilitation program in China, Philippines

C)    Mutual Cooperation Support:

Activities to foster mutual cooperation among organizations run by persons affected by Hansen’s disease (South-South style cooperation) such as workshops, conferences and field visits.

  • Grant Period: Up to 1 year
  • Budget:          US$10,000 maximum per year
  • Past Grants:  None (Newly adopted)

D)    Next Generation Support:

Activities to benefit younger generation affected by Hansen’s disease or activities carried out by younger generation

  • Grant Period: Up to 1 year
  • Budget:           US$10,000 maximum per year
  • Past Grants:
    Work camp in China, India, Indonesia
    Education support (basic, higher, vocational)
    School construction in Myanmar

3. Important Notes

  • Our fiscal year is from 1 April to 31 March.
  • Projects are to be started in April, July or October in principle. All projects should conclude by March, regardless of when they begin. For example, a 1-year project that begins in July and ends the following June would be treated as a 2-year project. (1st year: July to March, 2nd year: April to June)
  • For multi-year projects, the book should be closed in March each year. Roll-over of any remaining budget to the following fiscal year is not permitted.
  • Indirect costs should not exceed 10% of direct costs.
  • In principle, an organization is eligible to apply for only one scheme at a time.  This is to enable us to offer grants to more organizations.
  • SMHF may send a Request for Proposal to targeted organizations.

4. Application Procedure

Please submit your proposal by filling out the Grant Application Form. We will review each application and be in touch within 30 days, ONLY IF we are interested in learning more.
Re-submission of previously rejected proposals is not accepted.

Grant Application Form: